Pulser technologies

KENTECH manufactures a range of pulse generators using various technologies. Rise times of <100 picoseconds are obtainable from avalanche devices with output voltages greater than 6kV from a single generator. Avalanche designs offer very fast rise times and power FET based pulsers can generate longer pulses with high pulse repetition frequencies and high average power. Typical edge speeds from FET designs are 2ns.
See our comparison of Avalanche and FET technologies

At Kentech Instruments we specialise in the manufacture of special custom pulse generators and are happy to consider requests for pulse generators not covered by our range of standard units. Various types of pulse shaping are possible. Whilst most pulsers are designed to drive 50Ω, the ability to drive impedances other than 50Ω is provided by various wide bandwidth transformer designs. We can also make pulsers to drive certain capacitve loads. Repetition rates for standard units are usually limited by the power supplies which may be considerably upgraded if necessary. Please call us if you have any special requirements that are not covered in these notes.