Dual Channel Pockels cell driver

A Dual Channel Pockel cell driver delivering pulses in the range 200ps to 12.7ns. Pulse amplitude is 3.5kV and the pulse length may be adjusted in 100ps steps under remote opto-isolated computer control. The delay of each channel may also be adjusted over a 12.7ns range in 100 ps steps. In addition the trigger signal for each channel is brought to the front panel and looped back. This is a high level trigger signal and the loop back can be extended by up to around 20 ns (with high quality cable) to allow further timing shift of the two oputputs. The interchannel jitter is a few ps at most. The unit features several saftey features to prevent the accidental failure of components causing a longer than requested pulse to be produced.

Download the manual Dual Channel Pockels Cell Driver

This unit is now superseeded by our PSP1 Pockels Cell Driver