Gated Image Intensifiers

 HRI High Rate Imager 110MHz trigger rate, gates down to 300ps,
RF modulation to 1GHz. Fully computer controlled
GOI Gated optical Imager 5kHz trigger rate, gates down to 80ps, 18mm tube
USG GOI Ultra Short Gate GOI 5kHz trigger rate, gates down to 50ps, 12mm tube
1MHz GOI Gated Optical Imager 1MHz trigger rate, gates down to 300ps.
Optimised for Lidar applications.
PC5NS Intensifier Gating Module Small module allowing gating from DC to 5ns
HRI+GOI Combined HRI+GOI A single detector that combines the atrributes of both the GOI asnd HRI

Sinusoidal Modulator

Add on unit for HRI A pulse coded device that offers true sinusoidal modulation of the HRI gain 

Our optical camera systems are based on rapidly gated microchannel plate image intensifier tubes. We are able to produce gate widths as short as 50ps with our fastest GOI model and our HRI will produce sub-nanosecond exposures at repetition rates to 110MHz. The HRI can also be operated in non-resonant (phase stable) RF modulation mode to 1GHz.Various cathode options can provide sensitivity from the near IR to the UV. Our X-ray imagers extend this range to several keV

 Typical Photocathode Responses  GOI Tutorial  HRI Tutorial