Precision Delay Generators

Precision delay generatorrear panel of precision delay generator

The product is a mechanical device in which short lerngths of transmission lines are switched. This device exhibits no short term jitter and has a long term thermal drift calculated at around 1ps per degree celsius. The unit comes in two forms, a computer controlled device capable of 25ps steps with an adjustment of 20ns. A more simple device using the same basic technology is available, that can give 50ps steps to 6.35ns or 100ps steps to 12.7ns (7 bits) The simple device is limited by manufacturing variations which produce larger errors.

By adding computer control and calibration we can achieve nominal steps of 25ps over an adjustment range of 20ns.

These units are capable of handling quite high signal levels. On short trigger pulses (around 1ns) they can operate at voltages up to about 1.5kV. As the unit is passive the input pulse and output pulse are virtually the same with only a through put bandwidth limitation with a rise time of about 800ps.

We are able to make multi-channel versions of this delay generator. Please enquire if you have a particular requiremnt.

We have recently built versions that can cover up to 50ns and have in developement a unit with a nearly continuous fine adjustment.

The calculated thermal drift of the 20ns unit is ~1ps/°C

The technology used for this delay generator is also used in a variety of other products as an integrated component.