SPL1 Pulse generator

The SPL1 Pulse Generator has been specially designed for radar applications. It generates a short pulse with a fast risetime and high repetition rate.

10kV, 10kHz, <120ps risetime

The Unit  Waveforms

The fully solid state SPL1 provides an ultrafast kilovolt impulse from a TTL trigger input. The output has an amplitude of approximately 12kV into a 50Ω load and will withstand open circuit, short circuit and arcing loads. The waveform is a fast rising edge with a 10 to 90% risetime of <120ps, and a slower approximately exponential decay to give a half amplitude pulse width of approximately 500ps. Output networks can be specified to reduce further the output pulse width, the unit can produce a 300ps impulse with an amplitude >10kV. The trigger to pulse out timing jitter is <10ps rms. The output waveform is highly reproducible with shot to shot amplitude jitter of less than 1%. Maximum repetition rate is 10kHz and MTBF is of the order of 109shots. The SPL1 Control Unit includes microprocessor based diagnostics and an internal repetition rate and trigger delay generator. Options include a differential pair of 100Ω outputs to drive a 200Ω antenna with an amplitude of approximately 24kV. With its tolerance of mismatched loads the SPL1 is well suited to pulse transmitting applications including wideband time domain radar, EMC vulnerability testing and EMP simulation. The architecture is easily extendable to 16 or more channels to drive a phased array antenna.