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APG1 - Special

APG Avalancher Pulse Generator - special. Pulse width < 150ps amplitude >150 volts into 50Ω. Repetition rate up to 10kHz. Compact box.
See flyer or manual



Pulse Dilation Photomultiplier tube with temoral resolution ~ 12ps
See flyer (integrated version) or manual


CPS2-D pulse generator

4kV pulse with fast (<150ps) rise and slower decay (~2ns).
Built in rate generator and delay facility (up to 100ns)
Max rate 100Hz. Internal oe External triggering.
Jitter <20ps SD.
See flyer or manual


2 Channel Gated Optical Imager

Gate widths down to <100ps Cross channel jitter of a few ps. Uses gated 18mm image intensifier.
See flyer (single channel system) or manual


PSP1 mk2
Output up to 3600V, ~200ps to 10ns into 50Ω, return terminator with monitor, computer control over RS232 and Ethernet. Suitable for driving fast pockels cells, see flyer or manual


10 output CPS3 Pulse Generator
Output 600V, 1ns fwhm into 50Ω. 10 outputs with no relative jitter and synchronous to ~50ps, see flyer


UTV100 Pulse Generator
Output voltage adjustable up to 100V into 50Ω. Pulse width 1ns to 100ns, rise time <200ps, repetition rates to 20kHz, adjustable trigger threshold, either pulse polarity, internal rate generator, see flyer


UTV50 Pulse Generator
Output voltage adjustable up to 50V into 50Ω. Pulse width 1ns to 100ns, rise time <200ps, repetition rates to 20kHz, see flyer

Dual CPS3 pulse generator

Dual Output CPS3 Pulse Generator
This unit provides two fully independent ultra fast kilovolt pulse outputs of identical or opposite polarity (determined at build time) from separate trigger inputs. This unit is customerised for 19 inch rack mounting and also has built in pulser terminators with low voltage monitor outputs. The general specificaion is as per a CPS pulse source.

Synchronisation pulser

Syncronisation Pulser
This unit provides two synchronous outputs of ~ 750volts with ~500ps rise, each of which is designed to drive a 1 into 4 low loss splitter to deliver 8 sychronous outputs of ~360 volts also rising in ~500ps.

These units are desinged to work with our precision delay generator.

FPT 1111 Pockels cell and PBG1 fast driver Pockels Cell type 1111 from Fast Pulse Technology and a PBG1 driver.
This combination was used to increase contrast at the front of a short laser pulse.
The driver is capable of ~80ps rise to ~ 7kV into 50Ω with jitter <~10ps.
Also shown is a terminator box with built in monitor point.
500kHz 900 volt TOF deflection pulser Time of Flight deflection pulser
500kHz 900 volt into 100Ω pulser with NIM trigger levels

 HMP2 high voltage pulse generator

Dual Output Picosecond Kilovolt Pulse Generator
The HMP2 provides two ultra fast kilovolt pulse outputs of identical or opposite polarity from a single TTL trigger input.

 SPL1 High repetition rate pulse generator

SPL1 Pulse generator
The SPL1 Pulse Generator has been specially designed for radar applications. It generates a short pulse with a fast rise time and high repetition rate. 10kV, 10kHz, <120ps rise time

 monocycle pulse generator

Monocycle Pulser generator
The monocycle Pulse Generator will generate a single sinusoidal cycle* with peak to peak amplitude of 8kV into 50Ω.
Pulse length is 200ns peak to peak and 400ns zero to zero. Repetition rate is 100Hz.
50kHz pulse generator  

This pulser was constructed for ultra-wide band radar use. It offers a fast rise time and high repetition rate at 1kV in to 50Ω
PBG1/D  PBG1 with APG trigger card. PBG1/D pulser
This PBG1 will deliver ~6/5kV into 50Ω rising in ~100ps. It has the /D option that gives it an internal rate generator and delay facilities with a pretrigger output.

 Linac electron gun pulser

LINAC Electron gun pulser
This is a 50MHz electron gun pulser which is capable of firing repetitive bursts of pulses suitable for electron injector drive in LINACs. This pulser was developed for Free Electron Laser applications
 1MHz gated optical Imager

This is a prototype Gated Optical Imager operating at 1MHz with a 500ps gate. Anticipated uses are for Lidar or possibly FLIM (Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging).
See also our HRI 110MHz Imager for FLIM.

High rate Imager HRI

The HRI (High Rate Imager) is designed to offer gating down to 300ps at repetition rates up to 110MHz or RF modulation of the gain to 800MHz Details

  SPS/VR variable length pulser for MCP gating

This pulser is a variable pulse length device offering a discrete range of pulse lengths via a front panel or remote control. The amplitude of around 1kV into 50 Ω is ideally suited to gating MCP devices. The unit combines Fet and Avalanche pulsers to give fast rising long pulses. Variable voltage is also available.

 220kHz 750 volt pulse generator

Nanosecond Pulser
A 750 volt into 50Ω pulser capable of 220kHz.
With adjustable pulse width control (1.5 to 3ns) and negative edge triggering (0.8 volts into 50Ω)

 Fast Sweep generator for X-ray streak cameras

Fast Sweep Generator for Streak tubes
This unit is custom designed for Axis Photonique, Inc. It produces two complementary fast ramps of 2kV into a small capacitive load. The unit also contains bias circuitry for setting the sweep start position.

 20kHz Q switch driver

20kHz Q switch driver
This compact pulser is designed as a "Q" Switch driver, delivering around 950 volts into up to a 100pf load at 20kHz. The pulse width can be adjusted from around 12ns to 50ns. Rise time is load dependent but typically in the range 5 to 12ns. Runs from a 9 volt supply.

Precision delay generator

Precision Delay Generator
This is a delay generator using passive delay lines under computer control for very accurate delay of trigger signals. Each unit is carefully calibrated to remove manufacturing tolerances. It offers an insertion delay of 6.5ns and a maximum settable delay of 20ns in 25ps steps. The jitter is insignificant as the device is passive and the timing drift is only that caused by thermal expansion of the delay lines.

 True continuously vaiable pulser

Continuously variable Pulser
This pulser offers continuously variable pulse length from sub ns to a few ns. The pulse amplitude is 1kV into 50Ω but the technology could be extended to higher voltages. This is ideal for gating microchannel plates. Variable voltage is also available.

 Dual Channel Deflector Pulser

Dual Channel Deflector Pulser.
This pulser is for driving deflector plates in time of flight particle beam system. It offers balanced outputs and built in timing circuitry. A relative delay between the two outputs may be used to control the time for which a beam dwells on an aperture to control the beam pulse length.

 HVS/S pulser

This pulse source offers a square output wave form in the range 0.2 to 6ns (factory fixed) at voltages to 2.5kV in to 50 Ω. Ideal for microchannel plate gating with impedances below 50Ω or pockels cell gating at wavelengths around 700nm.

PBG2/NNSS pulse generator

This is a dual channel pulser with independent triggers. Each channel is capable of 3.5kV into 50Ω producing square pulses. The pulse lengths are factory fixed but do not have to be the same on each channel. This is ideal for pockels cell driving at 1 micron or microchannel plate gating of wide strips.

 PBG2 pulser generator
This is a general purpose pulser with 100ps risetime delivering around 9.5kV into 50Ω.
 PBG5 Pulse Generator
This pulser combines many switch channels to generate a voltage of 24kV into a single 50Ω output at 1kHz, with 130ps rise time. This design can be extended to higher voltages, e.g. the PBG7, a 50kV version. Pulse shape is a fast rise slow fall unformed pulse. It is suitable for ultra wide band radar.
One quater of a FGP1 FET pulser

This is a very high average power pulser which uses similar pulse combining techniques to the PBG5 above. The picture shows only one quarter of the complete system which provides 20 synchronous output channels each delivering over 9kV into 50Ω with ~2ns rise time. Repetition rates are 30kHz continuous or 60kHz burst mode. Average power during a burst is greater than 5kW

 Dual Channel Pockels Cell Driver

Dual channel Pockels cell driver
This unit was custom designed to gate the pockels cells of two laser chains synchronously or with a specified delay at low relative jitter. The output is suitable for use with dual crystal cells at 1 micron. The gate length on each output may be set independently in 100ps steps from 200ps to 12.7ns and may be controlled via a remote computer.
The design incorporates several fail safe features to prevent accidental long gates which might damage optical components.

 Control Unit for X-ray Streak camera

XRSC Control Unit
The control unit of an X-ray Streak camera. This unit offers 6 sweep speeds from 10ps/mm to several microseconds per mm. The unit also includes the focusing supplies.


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